What Are The Drawbacks Of A Calorie Shifting Diet? This Type Of Diet Isn’t That Effective, Or Is It?

The new dieting phenomenon known as calorie shifting dieting has taken the diet industry by storm. Many people have reported amazing results with using this type of dieting. However, there are some drawbacks with this type of dieting, and that is what I’m going to talk about in today’s article. If you have been thinking about going on this type of program, it’s only right that you know the negatives of it before you decide to do it:

First, just in case you don’t know exactly what a “calorie shifting diet” is, I’ll give you a brief description:

Shifting calories is the theory based on your bodies metabolism settling down to a set eating pattern. The key with this type of dieting is to prevent your metabolism from ever decreasing by rotating (or shifting) your calorie and nutrient intake in specific patterns. This frequent switching around of calories and nutrients will keep your metabolism running at a high pace to quickly lose weight and fat.

Now, there are many benefits of using this type of diet, but there are also some negatives as well:

1.) An All Fruit Day – The menu plan that is generated for you by a diet that is based on this method will have several food options for you to choose from. Then, a diet generator software program will design your menu plan based on your selection. The meal options that you get to eat each day are delicious, very nutritious, and very effective for burning off fat. That being said, there is one day during the diet that is TERRIBLE…

The “all fruit day”!

Just as you suspect, you have to eat nothing but fruit during the entire day… and nothing else! That makes it seem very similar to a “fad diet”, but actually this is not the case. The all fruit day is a strategic part of this diet that will significantly raise your metabolic rate.

2.) You Have To Eat More Frequently – Do you have a busy lifestyle? If so, then eating more frequently (which is required by this diet) can certainly become annoying. Eating more than 3 meals a day is required with using a calorie shifting diet. This is because doing so is what will keep your metabolism active, decrease hunger pangs, release fat burning hormones, and more.

3.) You May Lose Weight Too Fast – You may be on a mission to lose weight quickly, and this is all fine and well. However, if you lose weight TOO quickly, you may end up causing more problems than good. This is another setback with this type of diet. It’s pretty easy to lose a lot of weight very fast by calorie shifting, and if you do happen to lose too much too fast, then you could end up losing muscle tissue and causing a negative response from your metabolism.

To get around this, I recommend that you do not do anything that is too extreme in addition to this diet (extreme fitness routines, diet pills, reducing calories way too much, etc.).