Penis Size Exercises – Here is How You Can Get a Massive Size Increase of Your Small Penis Naturally

There are actually a lot of penis size exercises that you can do to help increase the length and width of your manhood. Doing these forms of exercises is actually a good alternative for you, especially if you are too worried about the negative side effects that penis enlargement pills might have on your body and health. However, not all exercises that claim to be able to improve your penis’ size do actually work. Fortunately for you, this article will discuss some of the more effective exercises that you can do to help you get the size that you want for your penis.

Penis Size Exercises Preparations

Before you can start doing the exercises, it is important to make some necessary preparations. This will help ensure that you are able to avoid any possible injury or pain that might result directly from performing the exercise wrongly. Have a lukewarm bath towel ready so that you can wrap your penis with it for about three minutes before and after you perform the penis size exercise you choose to use.

The “Okay Grasp”

This form of penis size exercise is one of the most basic and easy to do exercises. What you basically do is make an “okay” sign by creating an “O” shape with your thumb and forefinger around your penis head and taking hold of it firmly, just enough so you can manage to hold it for the duration of the exercise. All you need to do is stretch your penis to a certain point and hold that position for about ten to fifteen seconds. After which, release the hold and lightly rub your penis down. Do this for a couple of repetitions, and make sure that you do not over extend your penis too much, as this could only end up hurting your penis.

Jelqing Exercises

Jelqing exercises is similar to the “okay grasp” method of penis enlargement, the difference is that this form of penis size exercise focuses more on diverting blood to the head of the penis. You can achieve this by simply applying the “okay grasp” on your semi erect penis starting at the base of your penis, and going all the way up to the penis head. Just continue doing these jelqing exercises on a regular basis. At the beginning, you will just have to do about 20-25 repetitions of these jelqing exercises. Pretty soon, you will be able to do more.

PC Flex Exercise

Another penis size exercise that you can do is actually the PC flex exercise. Doing this type of exercise will not only help you attain better size for your manhood, but will also give you harder and more prolonged erections. Basically, this exercises focuses on exercising your body’s PC muscles, which are the muscles responsible for controlling when to urinate and when to stop urinating. Simply squeeze your PC muscles, thereby increasing blood flow to different parts of your penis.